Season 2 of What Went Down premiered on January 17, 2015.and ended on May 18, 2015. The season picks up at the end of summer after the events of last season's dramatic New Year's Eve party. Oscar Wenn, Jenna French, Maya Alanburgh, Richard Creed, Ben Dodson, James Welland and Ally Fouler all return as series regulars from season one. Gabriella Knight and Marina Tamara are upgraded from recurring status to main cast.

What Went Down (season 2)
Episodes 18
Aired January 17, 2015 - May 30, 2015
Premiere Aftermath
Finale Repeat
Slogan The college year continues and so does

the drama.

Cast Oscar Wenn

Jenna French

Richard Creed

James Welland

Ben Dodson

Gabriela Knight

Ally Fowler

Ellie Lyndon

Marina Tamara

Overview Edit

The second season focuses on the Farnton group as they return from Christmas vacation and go through dramatic changes and surprises that will change their lives. Oscar must deal with the consequences of his heart attack, however unbeknownst to Ally's realisation of her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Maya is becomes stuck in a love triangle which leads to a devastating situation. Jenna deals with her on/off relationship with Max while Richard and Gabriella alienate their friends due to the emphasis they put in their relationship.

Cast Edit

Regular Edit

Recurring Edit

Episodes Edit

# Title Viewers Airdate
01 Aftermath 4.65 January 17, 2015
02 Honest 4.65 January 24, 2015
03 Undecided 3.23 January 31, 2015
04 Secret 3.29 February 7, 2015
05 A Rush 2.94 February 14, 2015
06 Boundary 3.25 February 21, 2015
07 Anticlimactic 3.11 February 28, 2015
08 Games 3.15 March 7, 2015
09 Cocktail 2.95 March 14, 2015
Note: This is the mid-season finale.
10 Drive 2.71 April 4, 2015
11 Develop 2.92 April 11, 2015
12 New 2.80 April 18, 2015
13 Bad Mood 2.18 April 25, 2015
14 Sticky Situation 2.30 May 2, 2015
15 Low Profile 2.49 May 9, 2015
16 Let Loose 2.38 May 16, 2015
17 Examination 2.03 May 23, 2015
18 Repeat 1.96 May 30, 2015
The highly anticipated New Years Eve party has arrived, but the 'no drama' pact doesn't seem to stick. Max turns up unexpectedly but Jenna seems to think that their relationship must be doomed and she tells him that they should remain friends for a while. Oscar, trying to forget about his failed romantic endeavours with Ally and Jennifer, agrees with Ellie that they will kiss at midnight. After hearing about James's secret hookup in "Out of Proportion", Maya grows romantically closer to Ben. At the end of the episode, Ally tells Jenna that all along, she wanted Oscar to be her New Years kiss. Richard and Gabriella make their relationship official. Jenna and Oscar leave the party happy and intoxicated, running through the street but suddenly Jenna turns her head to find Oscar passed out on the road and not breathing.

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