Season 3 of What Went Down premiered on June 19, 2015.and ended on May 18, 2015. The season picks up at the beginning of summer after the events of cliffhanger at the End of Exams Party. Oscar Wenn, Jenna French, Maya Alanburgh, Richard Creed, Ben Dodson, James Welland and Ally Fouler all return as series regulars from season two. Gabriella Knight and Marina Tamara are upgraded from recurring status to main cast.

What Went Down (season 3)
Episodes 10
Aired June 19, 2015 - August 22, 2015
Premiere Aftermath
Finale Repeat
Slogan The weather isn't the only thing heating up.
Cast Oscar Wenn

Jenna French

Maya Alanburgh

Richard Creed

James Welland

Ben Dodson

Gabriela Knight

Ally Fowler

Ellie Lyndon

Marina Tamara

Ruby Baker

Overview Edit

Season 3 (dubbed the "jam packed season" by producer Danforth) explores the summer vacation that the Farnton group experiences. Main storylines include the deterioration of Oscar and Maya's friendship, Ally's mysterious relationship with an older boy, Jenna's strengthened, more serious relationship with Max and Ellie's decision to reject Oscar.

Cast Edit

Regular Edit

Recurring Edit

Episodes Edit

# Title Viewers Airdate
01 Hot Steam 4.65 June 19, 2015
02 Knee Deep 4.65 June 26, 2015
03 Trip 3.23 July 3, 2015
04 Bail 3.29 July 10, 2015
05 Drowsy 2.94 July 17, 2015
06 New 3.25 July 24, 2015
07 Result 3.11 August 7 , 2015
08 Moments Before 3.15 August 14, 2015
09 Let's Go! (1) 2.95 August 21, 2015
Note: This is Part 1 of a summer finale two-part special.
10 Let's Go! (2) 2.71 August 22, 2015
Note: This is Part 2 of a summer finale two-part special.

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