What Went Down is the second series of the QUF continuity. The show was originally developed by writer/producer Peter Danforth. The series introduces a new cast of characters while chronicling the ongoing lives of several characters who originally appeared in the first show. In the United States, it premiered on September 5, 2014 on The CW television network.

Overview Edit

What Went Down follows the characters from the first show as they embark on their journey to college: many staying at Collingdale, but some moving on to Farnton. Oscar Wenn becomes the show's protagonist in this chronicle of the QUF continuity. The show mainly focuses on the students who move to the new Farnton College and their progression through adolescence, meeting brand new people and experiencing daring new toils. The show stays close to home since it, too, contains the well received 'juicy' drama the first installment had.

Timeline Edit

Season 1 follows the beginning of the first year of college at Farnton until New Year's Eve.

Season 2 picks up immediately after New Year's Eve and ends when the first year at Farnton finishes.

Season 3 tells the story of the summer between first year and second year at Farnton.

Season 4 has a faster pace and follows the entirety of the students' second year at Farnton.

Season 5, much like Season 3, is a shorter season focusing just on students graduating from Farnton and the summer that follows.

Season 6 has a different format and style as it shows the characters being separated as they begin university.

Cast Edit

Character 1 2 3 4 5 6
Oscar Wren Main
Jenna French Main
Maya Alanburgh Recurring Main Guest Guest
Heather Abraham Main
Jennifer Scott Main Recurring
Han Round Main Recurring
Richard Creed Main
James Welland Recurring Main
Ben Dodson Main
Gabriela 'Gabby' Knight Main
Ally Fowler Main
Ellie Lyndon Main
Marina Tamara Main Recurring
Ruby Baker Recurring Main
Ria Grey Main
Catherine Wood Guest Recurring Main
Jess Callahan Recurring Main
Jack Marshall Main
Claudia Edmond Recurring Main

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